Policies Palafito Azul Apart Hotel

* When you make a reservation, you are requested to pay 50% of the total booking value, or leave credit card numbers as guarantee.

* Check-in Time: 15.30 hrs. / Check-out Time: 12.00 hrs.

* Check out after 12.00 hrs. has an additional cost of $4.000 CLP per hour (if there are availability).

* Free WiFi throughout the Apart Hotel.

* We have 2 free parking. Please reserve it.

* We have 1 cot. Please check availability.

* From 3 years children pay.

* Smoking is allowed only on terraces and balconies.

* Little pets are allowed in some cases. Consult prior to making a reservation.


*There will be no charge for reservations that are canceled 14 or more days before your scheduled arrival.

*If one cancels a reservation less than 14 days before arrival, then there will be a charge of 50% of your total fee. 

Hotel Security

* The hotel is not responsable for theft or incidents occurred to vehicles.

* We don´t have accident insurance inside or outside the hotel.

* We don´t assume travel costs or medical care to passengers.


Palafito Azul Apart Hotel.